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Ready To Rumble I just Need ICE

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Jan 12, 2015
Hey Guys :)

Here's 2 pictures of my benching rig setup and ready to go :)

@ Witchy : I modified your guide on the video card as it already had LET on it. You never commented back - in your guide - on if needing a 150cfm fan over the VRM was required/helped or a slower one was just as good.

I got everything hooked up to a Lepa 1600w PSU. I have already pushed the CPU, so I know where the sweet spot is while I push the GPU. This is all out the window when I run the 3DMark benches :)

Do I try and work the GPU down to -70c slowly or is it like the CPU and can be dropped as fast as possible?

PIC #1.jpg

PIC #2.jpg
Should be able to let it chill as fast as the pot will let you.

Looking good, I miss my sub zero rig. Have fun!
You don't need a 150cfm fan.. just keep the cool away for the boards as best as possible.
You don't need a 150cfm fan.. just keep the cool away for the boards as best as possible.

I have several Cooler Master 120mm x 25mm 70cfm fans - to choose from - that will make a LOT less noise than the Delta I have on it now.
I have to post pictures of the rig running cold :) Also first time freezing a card :)

Compitition setup.jpg

Not sure why but the card would act funny between -35c to -45c. I would lose the picture on the monitor, lines across screen, blurry picture. Once I got it past this temp area the card work like it should. In GPUPI 1B - we are now listed 10th - 12th with Witchy .100ms in front of me :)

we likes to see some frostyness!!!!
Sorry, not much Frostyness this time around :) As I made a comment in another thread thanking Mandrake4546 and Earthdog. This was my 2nd time using pure acetone and if you do it right (still learning) there is no frosty build up :)

I will defiantly have to make another run after my surgery but before the end of the month :) If you remember the movie True Lies. She makes a comment that if she can't fall asleep, she just asks Harry how his day was. That is how my Wife is when ever I talk computers :rofl: Now I'm going to have to ask her to help me bench :)

*** I have also learned that pure acetone (NOT 91% IPA or Nail polish) will hold -XX temp just a tad longer (2 ~ 5 Seconds) before the temp starts dropping. That 2 sec can be the difference between Verification and a BSOD/locked up computer :)

UPDATE : Have Picture of GPU going COLD

Frosty Buildup On GPU.jpg
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To finish this thread, the MB I started with busted. I sent 2 CHVF-Zs to Asus for repair. One was because the SB crashed and bonked the board, the second was because of a Constant Cpu LED light. I received them back and put the first one on the bench table. I got 2 subs ran for the Div 4 Comp when I got the SB error again. The board still worked but was unstable. I continued using it and received an NB error causing the MB to become totally unstable. I had to drop the NB to 2400 or less just to us it as a basic computer but it would freeze running Cinebench 11.5 or 15.
The Second MB I setup as a basic computer. It refused to recognize any memory installed in slots B1 & B2 thus crippling the MB to single channel only.

Working on RMAing them back to Asus for proper repair.