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Some question For Amd Hammer please answer ME

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Mar 18, 2002
did chip Amd " hammer " for home user or server ? And did card pci & agp in the present can use in m/b that support amd " hammer" ?

Thank for reply
Hi and welcome to the forums.

AMD 'Hammer' processors will come in two types, one for servers and one for high end (expensive :)) desktop workstations.

Current motherboards will not support Hammer processors - you will need a new one when they come out, as the Hammer processors will have around 700 pins, compared to 462 for current AMD CPUs.

Hope this helps,

the claw hammer will be the home processor, and the sledge hammer(with hyper threading and a higher pin count) will be the server processor offering up to eight cpu smp(or so i've heard)
8? that should be interesting... The mobos will cost a small fortune and be the size of a dinner table. And cooling the thing. Even if you aren't ocing it at all and are just using hsf units, it is going to get pretty toasty in there. I would still like to see someone on the forums do that though...
will there be any way to change the hammers multiplier since the core is under that layer of metal like intel cpu's
hehe ................just think active water cooling ............just hook upto a water pipe and drain ..............
alright buddy, heres some info:
clawhammer: for high end desktop pc's. will use single channel either DDR333 or DDR400. will have hypertransport(not hyperthreading, thats what intel has, where 2 threads can be run through the pipeline at once) wich is a new kind of system bus that is all controlled on board. 64bit and fully compatible with current and upcoming 32bit software.

sledgehammer: same as claw but with dual channel DDR and hypertransport, and set up for up to 8-way SMP, as opposed to claw's 2 way. and also it will have 512megs(im pretty sure) L2 cache, as opposed to claws 256k(it might be 512 for claw and 1meg for sledge.

Hammers are looking to be MUCH faster than Intels Itanium cpu's and claw's will be within a price range accesible for most of us. sledge will still defenately be significantly cheaper than Itanium. Hammer mobo's will be AGP 8x(backwards compatible with current vid cards) and will support 64bit 66mhz pci as well as current 33mhz 32bit ones)
if u have any more questions fire away, and WELCOME TO THE FORUMS
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I may be wrong but my understanding is that if your current agp card is below 4x it will not be supported since most of the boards that will support the hammers are going to support 8x. I imagine most people on this forum have cards that are agp 4x though.
nope. the agp8x spec, like all current agp4x slots, are fully backwards compatible with previous agp speeds