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Some thing is very very fishy here

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Apr 4, 2001
Ok this is for all the GeForce owners that are interested in the quadro mod or SoftQuadro.

A few months back I did the quadro mod on my Geforce 256 DDR. All whent well I booted up the system and windows detected the quadro. A few months later a friend of mine is building a pc for CAD so I thought hey we can get a geforce Pro and it will work great. Well last night I saw this thing called SoftQuadro. My first thought is that it would be perfect for my friend he will get Quadro performance and not void his warenty. Well I thought Id better give it a try. Lucky for me I mounted a switch to my GeForce so I could switch between quadro and geforce. So I switched over to GeForce reinstalled the 12.90 drivers (just to be sure every thing was coshier). I then ran a benchmark using SPEC view Perf 6.1.2 . I know alot of you use 3dMark and such but that program doesnt test crap compared to SPEC for CAD and such. So I got my results then ran SoftQuadro and ran the bench again. The scores were way better for the MedMCAD and ProCDRS tests. MedMCAD increased about 44% and ProCDRS Increased about 170%. Well just to make sure SoftQuadro worked as well as the actual hardware mod I fliped the switched and reinstalled the drivers one more time. I then ran my bench again. Now this is the freaky part my Quadro mod scores were the same as the GeForce scores. So my actual quadro mod did nothing.

Ok Ive come up with two possibilites

1 My Quadro mod never worked but somehow shows up as quadro in my display properties
2. 12.90 Drivers some how detect the quadro mod and over ride it.

Ive got to go to work right now but when I get back Ill run the whole thing again using older drivers. Probably some flavor of 7.xx or 10.xx
But you did see improvement with the softquadro software. Man I think you should stay home from work and play with your video card!