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Soyo P4S Dragon Ultra temps, etc...

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Jan 20, 2002
Sunny California :)
My CPU temp is always 49-50C on my P4 1.9 retail. I pulled off the heatsink, removed the Intel goo, and used Arctic Silver II. I still get the exact same readings?? I don't think the heatsink is sitting flat on the CPU?? I understand temps are a big problem on this board?? Also, installed the 2AA3 BIOS and now my Network Adapter no longer works. I had to install a NIC. Anyone else having these probs?? Any news from Soyo on possible fixes?? I really like the board overall, and hope Soyo comes up with fixes for these problems.
No I haven't been neutered yet.. hope he changes his mind.
Names not vulger.

No change that I can tell..same temps. same messed up ethernet.

Should call there support and see what they say.
Just flashed mine to the 2ba1, and I noticed absolutely NO change either???? What the heck did the new BIOS actually do? BTW, my ethernet plug DID work with the original BIOS.........
yea, mine worked too with original bios.

I guess we should call customer service ta see what they have ta say. I'll try to call 2maro from work if i get time. Good ol Costco calling card still has some time on er.
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Dogballs said:
No I haven't been neutered yet.. hope he changes his mind.
Names not vulger.

Well, I'd personally like to see it changed. The nickname isn't exactly "G" rated, either.

Why anyone would want to be referred to as a canine's genitalia is beyond my reckoning...... :rolleyes:

Please consider a change.

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montano said:
Looks like they're after you again Dogballs!!!!!!!

<sarcastic, rant mode on>

Why yes, we're after him again....persecuting him for his choice in username.

We have received complaints about it! OK?? This is a privately owned vBBS. The owners have set up guidelines, to which ALL of us must abide.

Please stop being so bloody self centered, and think of those around you. They have a right to peruse these Forums, without having to deal with inappropriate usernames.

William asked him, quite civily, I'm sure, and so did I, via PM. If I chose a name like "Bullbung" or Squirrelscrotum", I'm certain I would be asked to change it.

I am asking in a very civil way, to have him change his username. I am asking him to abide by the wishes of the owners, Administrators, Moderators, and members at large.

Abide by the rules as posted. No more, no less.


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