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May 27, 2001
I've got a new bundle 'O hardware, and was wondering if just what It'd need to be cooled properly.
I've got an asus a7a266 m/b, 1200 Tbird, a 256 ddr stick, a geforce2 pro, 2 5400rpm drives, and misc other items...

I'm going to use a 300W p/s and give the processor a GW-FOP 32,(still looking for the video's) the case would get a couple 120mm and a few (2 or 3 or maybe 4) 80mm, and possibly a 90mm...its a full tower...

ambient temp is currently about 26C, but I'm gett'n a cooler that'll probably make it around 23...

Should I get a better HSF, I haven't used too many fans before, so I don't know how this thing's gonna sound..but I didn't want a FOP 38 'cause I've heard its probably a little over acceptable noise level..However, if the 32 isn't good enough for a 1.2ghz, I'd rather have a bit of noise than a fried processor?

Also, should I get any kind of seperate cooling for the hard drives and RAM?

Thanks for reading all that.
A new PSU might be good. Those tbirds are power hungry and you have 2 HDDs, gf2 & propably a cd or dvd. That takes a lot of power.

You can get by with just 2 or 3 120mm fans, if they are positioned right. Now, I'm not an expert on fan-positioning, but I know that overpressure is better, as there won't be so much dust stacking up. Maybe 1 120mm fan at the bottom front and 1 120mm at top.

That FOP32 isn't propably very good for a 1.2g tbird, especially if you're planning on overclocking it. It simply cannot handle the heat. If you're looking for a good heatsink, take a look at this: http://www.overclockers.com/articles425/
It's $40 and the performance is high-end.

I hope this helps!
300W power supply should work as long as you are not doing anything crazy like using as many hard drives as possible or having enough fans that it hovers. I have a FOP-32 with a case fan pointed at it on my 1.333 Tbird. It does just fine when not overclocked. Current temp per Via's monitor is 28C.
I hate 5400rpm hard drives, they are just too slow.
Vryce (Jun 04, 2001 03:24 p.m.):

Also, should I get any kind of seperate cooling for the hard drives and RAM?

Thanks for reading all that.

I did not read all of it before I started to reply. :) oops
I like the drive racks I have, they are removable and have 2 fans built in. With 5400 drives they are not really necessary. If you can mount a case fan near the RAM that is nice. Putting heatsinks on the DIMMs is more trouble than it is worth, unless you are water cooling and going for the extreme.