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Taisol CGK???? On Celeron FCPGA safe?

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Senior Member
Dec 19, 2000
Alright, I have a Taisol CGK---- heatsink for Socket A Athlon/Duron processors. Basically I'm happy with this heatsink and I don't want to have to spend more money buying a new one, if possible.

My predicament is this: I have a Celeron 667 MHz retail chip coming in the mail. I'd like to use the CGK heatsink on it, but I am concerned that in doing so, I may crush the CPU. I know Intel chips are not as fragile as AMD chips, but if the heatsink somehow exerts too much presure down onto that fragile core... Well, we all know the results of that (many of us first hand, I'm sure).

Anyway do you think it is safe to use this heatsink on the Celeron, or do you think I am crazy to even attempt it? Has anyone tried to use this heatsink on an Intel CPU, and if so what were the results?

I was also thinking of attaching some little rubber pads to the top of CPU ala AMD to maybe balance out the heatsink load on it a little bit better. Do you think this would help or would it just be a waste of time (or counter productive)?
A lot of heatsinks spec'd for the Socket A are also spec'd for the Socket 370. My guess is that you are safe using it on your Celeron. I have not seen the Intel spec on recommended force, but I'm sure it is available somewhere. I'd bet it is close to the AMD spec. The rubber pads are a toss up. I'd hate to say forget them, only to hear you trashed your core. Given their relative softness, I don't think they do a lot for protection or even distributing the force, but that's my opinion.

it should be be ok like hoot said, if you are concerned about crushing the core, order a shim from Coolerguys as they have some great nonconductive shims. Using in both of my computers. My celey heatsink i noticed when just before adding the shim was sitting like this, / , but now it is perfectly flat. They are definately worth a lot, as a cracked cpu is bad.
I went ahead and mounted the Taisol and it works just fine. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to any other Socket 370 users.

Thanks for the responses
Yeah, and are you going to tell us how it works or not? Inquiring minds want to know ;D'

yes, i would love to know how that thing works and what you get on your socket 370. I like it and would love to put in my computer. One question, does it fit the lugs for the cpu, cause they are slightly different, the socket 370 has a middle small one and two offset on each side that are much larger.