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Team Morph... LET'S CRUNCH!!!

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Grandfather of Crunchers Senior
Dec 17, 2000
San Diego, CA
Our daily production has been reaching all time lows over the last few days... :confused: In fact, we have just been passed by team Jazz and Hallen is moving in quickly... time to :burn:

dump those caches, crank up that FSB, pipe in the artic air... whatever it takes... let's not give up without a fight :eek: :drool: :bang head
Sorry Morphy...we went away on wed-Sat, I had to shutdown my small farm. It was a tough decision, but everything in back on track again from me.

Let's rock Team Morpheus!!!!!!!!!!!
If I had another video card I could get one more machine running. It's all setup - just won't boot without video :(
And I just went to a local LAN party and had ozzlo give me all his WUs. Should be dumping tommorow I think... Me tired after going to bed 7 hours past normal sleepy time :D

I've got a 1900+ XP sitting here, but I think I'll be selling that with a shuttle box I just got back from Newegg.
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