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Nov 27, 2002
new jersey
just since there has been talk of all the above lately I've decided to post my thoughts and observations on the above

the french
well, I don't think we need worry as much as we had been, they're production has tappered off 'n is steady now, although they're abiity to recruit numbers like they did still proves that they can, and do have the abiltity to ramp. if in their next ramping phase they hit it big with a network admin, we could be in for one heck of a chase.

status-pending......idle threat.

their forum being down for as long as it was, or maybe just the summer time blues, but the gap in our daily production is waining, and our time to strick is upon us gentlemen. We must fight them on the buses, on the multipliers, and on the ram! if we muster our hz, I do believe firmly that we could put a date on our overtaking of them.

With such a belief, it is my conviction that we need a new motto, " [H] or bust", with this I ask of our litererary college students to write a brief article to present to myself and the other major producers(45, nik, wedo to keep it small, others are welcome, fast is active) so we can present this new motto(if approved) to our fellow ocer's and try to racket it up to catch them.

status....pending......possible overtake.....

lets take care of [H] first ;)

so we must be quick like a ninja :sn: and overtake this hord they say great things. With this I challege you fellow overclockers, what hz are you adding this month? this week? today?

being as I cannot ask for what I cannot give
today? I plan on sleeping :D *edit added my own 24/7 fx 3400*
this week? I will attempt to add 9 ghz
this month? I commit myself to adding 30 ghz

I will update with progress. I challenge you to do the same on our conquest to the [H]orde

*edit* I see no commitments, we need goals ppl, we need goals. I expect you to hold me to the ones I set for myself
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