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Temps, and thermal sensors - BP6

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Mar 15, 2002
First off, system info. Abit BP6 running 2 C400's at 540 in an Antec case with 4 case fans(2 in, 2 out). Golden Orbs coolers on the processors and I yanked the greeny HS for the chipset and installed a modified 486 HS with a fan.

Second, all the temps are coming from MBM5. I realize this ain't the end-all be-all of temp reporting, but it's all I got right now.

I am just now noticing that my temps don't move much unless the room temp changes. Right now they are sitting at 39*C, 38*C, and 38*C. I have NO idea what those numbers reflect, but I'll get into that in a minute. I made sure the temp sensors under the chips are making good contact by giving them a slight bend upwards.
Under load(Seti@Home,Sandra Burn-in etc...) the temp MAY raise by one degree, but it simply fluctuates up and down. I ran the Sandra Burn-in for 2 hours straight this afternoon, and that's what I got. If I turn the machine off for a few hours, then back on, the temps raise slowly to those I mentioned previously and stay put, even while idling.
I guess the question I am asking is... Is this normal?

Now on to my second question. MBM5 reports 6 possible temp sensors. Winbond 1-3 and Winbond P2-Diode 1-3. Does anyone know which one is which? I can't really tell because the temps are so close. ALL the P2-Diodes report 127*C no matter if the machine is cold or not. I know these processors would not survive long at all at 127*C, let alone running for several days with no problems, as this thing has. Which one of these sensors is what? I cannot seem to find any info on this at all. Right now I have it setup as Winbond 1 = Proc 1, Winbond 2 = Proc 2, and Winbond 3 = System, but I ain't sure if that's even close to correct.
Hi UT-100Si, welcome to the Forum,
Take a look on the MBM HomePage, down/left you'll found a list of Mobo/Model with the related Sensors ;)

OK, got the sensors set up correctly.
Thanks for the link, I'll look next time. :)

I made some ghetto ducting out of cardboard, and that was successful in dropping the temps by 2*C but the they just don't budge whether the machine is idle or loaded. Somebody school me on this please.
I had one of those Boards until just recently, very good dual setup.
My temps were higher by only a couple of degrees, but i was using el-cheapo HSF's.
It just maybe that the ORB's are working very well. :)

The Doors, far as I can tell, every temp in the thing dropped by about 2*C after my cardboard ducting foray.
Just for reference, I'm running Dual Celeron 300 O/C to 450 running 2 SETI@Home CLI at all times.

Right now, my room temp is 61 F and my CPU temp is 27C and 28C and sensor 3 is 32c.

Now if only I can figure out F -> C without using MBM 5.
Formula for converting *F to *C is (XX*F - 32 x 5 / 9 = *C)
*C to *F is (XX*C x 9 / 5 +32 = *F)