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the cheap ddr2 thread! ($68 kingston 1gb ddr2 667, $130 2gb super tallent 667)

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Jun 16, 2001
greenmaji said:
how are they responding to voltage?
2V is a little low.. how about 2.2V+

I will try up to 2.1V to see if I can get them stable at 2.9ghz+ with 400 divider (/10) with C4 timings. If I can do that I will be satisfied. After all C4 timings with the 533 divider is pretty much out of the question, and I would rather have the tight timings than the mhz.

My motherboard only goes up to 2.1 in the bios, I can force 2.4 with a jumper, I'm not sure I want to make that jump.


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Jun 16, 2001
These sticks can do 280 C4 timings with 2.1V, and 400 C5 timings with 2.1V although the latter seems to be on the edge of stability. Unfortunately I cannot do 1T with the 533 divider, so there is little benefit for me there. Any higher than that and I get failures in Orthos or freezing.

I may try 2.4V at some point because they do seem to be responding to voltage. I don't have too much to gain though, maybe 5-10 mhz with the 400 divider at C4 timings, and hopefully the ability to run 1T with the 533 divider.

First I need to get a fan to blow on these things (I've been doing my testing with a table fan pointed at my open case).


Apr 22, 2005
A Labyrinth
You want cheap and a bunch of these'll do CL4 at 790-820.

I added a pair of Wintec 2X1G CL4 DDR2-800 for $169 a month ago, now you can get Skills for less.

PQI $38 bucks 2x256 DR2-667 CL5, 1.8V
590Mhz @ CL3
670Mhz @ CL4
720Mhz @ CL5

Wintec $169 on sale 2X1G CL4 DDR2-800, 1.9V (so far, getting a better CPU) :santa:
825Mhz @ CL4
930Mhz @ CL5
Maybe they'll do 1000 :drool:
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