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Thermal Stuff

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New Member
Jul 16, 2001
I've just got my Globalwin FOP-32 :)

Do I just use the pink thermal goo on the bottom or do I scrape it off and use my Arctic Silver II? Or both???
Do remove the pink stuff and use Arctic Silver2 in its place. Use nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol on the pink gunk and scrape it off using a plastic ruler or something but never a metal ruler or flathead screwdriver or you may ruin the surface finish on the bottom of your heatsink. Of course, you might want to lap it before the application of AS2.
re: lapping

Is this something I can do with some sandpaper or is this a toolshop job? I don't think I can be bothered if it's the latter!
Yeah, the danger about lapping is that you may get carried away and the bottom of your heatsink is no longer truly flat and level although it is smooooth and shineeey. You can lap a heatsink by first using 200 ro 300 grit sandpaper (for metal! not wood) and then finishing it off with 1000 grit sandpaper or burnishing paste (toothpaste for metals :)). If your heatsink's bottom is not that coarse you can skip the part involving the 200 or 300 grit sandpaper or even skip lapping altogether. Don't mix the AS2 and pink gunk. Don't know how they chemically react...
I think I'll give it a polish and then just slap on the arctic silver II. It's not the worst finish I've seen (although as I've seen in most places, the raised bit that goes over where it says 'Socket 462' is considerably smoother - is the bottom like that deliberately one might ask). It's GOT to be better than my current cooler (Coolermaster, medium sized sink, small fan).