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Thermalright AX-7 or Swiftech MCX462

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Mar 12, 2002
I need a new heatsink and fan the dragon orb 1 is not cutting it for me.

I figure I will go crazy and get the AX-7 and a Delta fan. (I don't sleep with my computer.) or the Swiftech MCX462 Heatsink + Fan.

Of course I've got some questions about them
1) Will the swiftech fit on the dragon plus with little or no bending of capacitors or blocking dimms?

2) I've read the horror stories on this board about breaking the mobo while installing the ax-7 this is one reason why I'm considering the swiftech and I like the mounting posts better than the clips. Is this wise? The extra $30 I figure is for peace of mind.

3) I've read that you can't plug a delta fan into the mobo fan control or you'll burn it up. Is this true? This is another reason I was looking at the Swiftech cause it looks like the fan is powered by the ps but it still has a monitoring output so I can use the cpufan monitor on the mobo.

Sorry about the longwindedness but if I'm going to drop $70 or even 40 bucks on a heatsink I want to make sure it's the last one I ever buy.

1. i myself haven't put a swifty 462 on it, i have seen people having it in their sigs, so i am guessing people have done it, and looking at the socket, it looks like there is room to do it.

2. yes i would consider that wise, the stand-offs are much better than socket clips, i helped a friend put in a mcx462, and it went in nicely after that, i will not buy another heat sink with a socket clip.

3. yes the swiftech comes with a customly done delta fan, that has the tach wire and power wires seperated, very nice imo. and yes putting a high-powered fan on a mobo can blow out the header, those traces on the board, are really rated for that much draw.

but the problem is that... i dunno if you saw on the front page of oc.com, but amd is taking away the mounting holes! so if you get the swifty, you may have the problem of in the future not being able to mount it due to no holes anymore.

hope this helps some,

p.s. welcome to the forums!
I went ahead and got the ax-7. I could never really justify the extra expense just for standoffs when the holes may not stay around. I figure once I get the ax-7 on (this afternoon) hopefully. I won't ever take it off.

At least I'm aware of the slipping screwdriver problem so I can take great care to not have it.