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Tualatin Qs, PSU Requirements, Mobo Upgrade, etc.

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i810 Forever

Apr 6, 2002
lol, I think the title I used in the Motherboards forum was scaring people off- so I figure I'd post it here (since I have a bunch of questions about Tualatins now).

First off-
I need to select a MicroATX board.

Well, as in my last thread, I don't have the money to build an entirely new machine like I had planned, so I considered upgrading to a 733Mhz fcpga Celeron, because even though I have an HP, I can at least get to an 82Mhz fsb in CPUFSB for 900Mhz (that would run my RAM at 100Mhz, on the HP board, at an 82Mhz fsb the memory actually operates at 125Mhz- would that make getting a new board somewhat of a downgrade?) . Batboy suggested I get a new motherboard instead, and overclock to 900Mhz with my existing 600Mhz cBO Celeron. My choices (this is what I can find at NewEgg) are:

MSI MS-6368L 50A (6368-140) PLE 133 Pentium III / Celeron Support Tualatin Socket 370 Micro-ATX with Sound, Video, LAN - Retail VIA® VT8601T chipset. (North-Bridge 510 BGA). VIA® VT82C686B chipset. (South-Bridge 352 BGA) .66/100/133MHz FSB. Two 168-pin unbuffered DIMM. On-Board IDE.


CPU Supported: Socket 370 Intel Coppermine B Tualatin and Celeron processor
Chipset: VIA VT8601A(PLE133T)/VT82C686B
RAM: 2x 168-pin SDRAM DIMM
IDE: 2 x Ultra DMA33/66/100 IDE connectors
Slots: 3x PCI, 1x ISA, 1x AMR
Ports: 1x Serial, 1x PS/2 Mouse/Keyboard, 2x USB (rear), 1x FDD
Onboard: Video (Trident Blade 3D Core) and Audio (AC'97 2.1 CODEC) and LAN(Realtek 8100)


(not in stock at the moment)
Asus SiS630ET Chipset ATX Motherboard Model TUSI-M
CPU Supported: PIII/Celeron/Tualatin - Socket 370, 450 - 1.2GHz+ processors
Chipset: SiS630ET
FSB: 133/100/66 MHz
Slots: 3x PCI
Onboard: Video and Sound

None of them have AGP slots (well thats why they're $57 or under), but I intend on using my existing 32MB Kyro PCI Card (it's fast enough to play Half-Life @ 1024x768 w/ 4x FSAA for me). I'd assume that the Asus and MSI have at least some FSB overclocking options, and I figure if I could scrounge together the money for whatever the best overclocking Tualatin Celeron is, I'd be content with the setup until Christmas, when I should definately be getting the parts to build a new system.

So- which one of these boards is my best option to swap over my PC-133 RAM, Celeron 600 cBO, and Kyro PCI?


Theres five 5 star reviews on newegg about the MSI board, one reviewer stated he used it to upgrade an eMachine (eMachines & HPs are 100% the same hardware wise- just different cases), it should work with out a hitch in my HP.

I think I may be able spare a little for a faster CPU at the beginning of the month, the 1.4Ghz Tualatin Celeron is $83. I'd assume there would be a very nice speedboost between my 600Mhz Coppermine and a 1.4Ghz Tualatin, correct?

Now as far as power requirements are concerned- how much power would a 1.4GHz Tualatin Celeron draw? Right now I have all this running off of the stock 100w mATX PSU:

Celeron 600 @ 750Mhz
256MB PC-133 @ 125Mhz
80GB, 7200 RPM Seagate Barracuda Hard drive
48x CD-ROM
32MB Kyro PCI
Soundblaster PCI 512
Ethernet PCI card
Fans: 1x Delta 60mm, 1x YS-Tech 60mm, 2x 40mm Sunons, 1x 92mm Antec case fan.

Newegg has a 200W PSU for $24 (listed as a good replacement for eMachines, and is listed on the eMachines site as a good PSU upgrade). Could that handle the hardware I have now + a 1.4Ghz Tualatin (essentially the Tualatin would have about 100w free- that enough to power it?)

Thanks to anyone who can help me