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Tyan Thunder K7 Hardware Monitoring Question...

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New Member
Jun 15, 2001
I just put together a dual 1.2GHz Athlon MP (not overclocked, 1.75V core, Volcano II heat-sinks) box, on a Tyan Thunder K7. I updated the bios to v2.06, so that I could read the proc. temps in bios. The temps were reported as 80c for each proc., and 78c for the Mobo. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone here has a similar setup, so that we could compare temps; I have a lot of doubt about the accuracy of the readings.. I don't think these are even remotely accurate, considering the case is completly open, and I installed win2k without a hitch before I even read the temps.
umm, i would say those are most certainly wrong. You would know if your motherboard temp was 78C.
That's what I was thinking. However, I'll also interested in the results of other K7 owners, as I almost suspect there is a bug in the bios' monitoring.
well you are the first one i know of here having that board as that board is quite expensive. Hopefully a few others will have one. You might want to get a dual led temp monitor to monitor the core temps and ambient instead of software.