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Unraid server died last night.

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Uber Folding Senior
Jul 17, 2003
My Unraid server stopped working. I took a moment this morning to look at it. It does that thing where you hit the power button and the CPU fan spins then everything shuts down. I left it unplugged all day and I probably won't be able to look at it until late tomorrow. If it keeps doing that I'm assuming that my PSU died. If that's all it is... easy peasy.

What do you think?
Depending on motherboard, there may be led that will alert to the error, or ancient hardware will use beep codes. These are searchable and usually reliable, but I am not certain all boards have these features.

In order of easyness:

Try resetting the cmos.

Grab a USB stick and make a live USB of any distro you are comfortable with (Ubuntu if you aren't comfortable with any) and try to boot from USB. If that doesnt work, unplug any peripherals (pcie raid cards and such) and unplug all hard drives. If it boots, plug in the drives one by one until it doesn't. When booting stops, you ha e found the bad drive. If you have RAID set up then this process can get more complicated (but not much) report back if this is the case

Ram might be the problem. If you have a known working compatible set switch to that and check. If you don't have another set, consult your motherboard manual. It usually instructs to place 1 stick in a certain slot (usually the closest to the cpu but sometimes furthest). Test each stick in this slot. If you get a boot, add in ram until it refuses to boot, then you have found your bad stick.

If that doesn't work and you have a multimeter, the psu section has a guide for testing your rails in the stickies . While you have the multimeter out, test the cmos battery for good measure.
Thank you. I can say that I pulled the power supply and connected a brand new one that I had still in the factory packaging. That did not help. This is an old X58 ASUS skt 1366 MB. It is old for sure. I had just installed a (new to me) Xeon. Maybe that died. I have the old CPU that I can try next. I'm booting from a USB stick as per UnRAID. The computer just doesn't power on. I don't have a speaker hooked up to the MB so I'm not getting beep codes but if I find one in my box of "stuff" I'll hook it up.
Is that your P6T7 WS SC board?
Board is pretty stout. I have one. I doubt it's the board.
I know you have modded drives on that, disconnect all of those.
Go back to your old CPU and a single stick of ram and a known good vid card.
Yep. That's the board. I'll give that a go. I have another one that I bought with a few busted RAM slots. If all goes to hell, I'll use that one.
I need to take a picture and post it but you were right Mr.Scott. Specifically, the MOLEX to SATA power adaptor shorted out. I did swap the CPU, removed all of the RAM, Removed power from all SATA drives, swapped video cards and now the fans all spin. Basically, I think that the MB is dead. I get a blue blinky light near the CPU. I'll look it up later. I'm too bumbed to do it now.

I'll post more later but for now I'm going to chill and game.
Yeah, that sucks. Blue light blinking near CPU is 'cpu no power or not installed'.
Power adapter shorted something on the board. :(
Sorry for your loss. It is my favorite 1366 board.
Dang, hate that it gave up the ghost for anything as little as a power adapter
Bought 2 x Gigabit GA-X58A-UD3R V1.0 and 2 x Xeon W3690. One of these boards with 10 SATA ports will be my UnRAID server and the other will live as my VR/Folding farm but also be my backup if my UnRAID dies again.

These are well abused mining machines from China. I have no mistake about that. They were cheap and I can use many parts that I already have. Each will be loaded with 24 GB of DDR3 in tripple channel. I may need to buy one HSF but I'll look and I may have another 212 cooler laying around which would work perfect.