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VGA chipset isn't functioning well?

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New Member
Oct 8, 2011
CPU: Intel i7 2600
GPU: ATI Radeon HD 6870 1GB
Mobo: Asus P8H67-M Pro
RAM: 8GB Kingston DDR3
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

I just recently booted my computer up after it had been hibernating for a couple hours and got some odd visuals on screen, the whole thing started pixelating black and white squares and my machine froze up. I was forced to cut power to restart my machine. Well, now that I've restarted it, my machine seems to be running overly hot, sitting at 43 degree's Celsius while idle and fans at medium while it used to sit at around 35 degrees Celsius with fans at low. Also, Smartdoctor is flashing me this warning: "VGA chipset fan isn't functioning well! Replacing with a new fan may be needed."

My real concern is that this system is only about a month old. Should I just take it in to the shop and see what they can do? I'm not experienced with replacing GPU fans.

Thank you.


Destroyer of Empires and Use
May 15, 2006
Use the following programs to monitor temperatures:
CPU - CoreTemp
GPU - See below

You can use Prime95 to load up the processor to see what temperatures you are getting. Link
You can use FurMark to load up the graphics card, which also conveniently has temperature monitoring. Link

If you are running stock speeds, don't let the CPU get past 65c or the GPU get past 85c or so. If the processor is the one that is running how, make sure that you have the heatsink fully clipped down. Push on each of the four posts to see if they "click". If they do, test again.