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VH6t 13a Celleron/P3-700

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Mar 6, 2002
Southern Californis
I finally recieved my VH6t mob and set out to see what my 1.3a tuly would do. I had already run the chip in my old standy msi mobo @ 1456. Well my first attempt was to set the fsb @117, no go bad generic ram, I replaced ram with some mitsubishi pc133 and all went well. so I thought lets try the first 4 divider or 124fsb. Forget it increase vcore in steps all the way to 1.8 with vid trick still no luck. as it turns out my best stable oc was 1521 or 13X117fsb. Not great ! I monitored my heat and the chip seems to run at about 35c no matter what speed or voltage ? My opinion is that the 1.3a is not a good oc chip as it is already running close to max for this chip. All you 1.0a-1.2a guys are doing much better.

I then decided to pull my old p3-700 chip out and try it in the new mobo. Well I have had great luck with this chip it is currently running @ 1120 (160fsb) @ 1.82v and stays cool too! 26c idle 29-31 full load. I could go more but I am not to shure about running my fsb over 160 it seems to be fine but not sure how far it is safe to go ? Now thats a Great overcllocking chip !! and even though I can get better clock speeds with the tuly above , My memory and bus is really cooking with this chip and overall I believe its a better system ??
First of all, good job on the 700. About the 1.3 tualy, I have read numerous posts saying about the same thing. Not too many getting much over 1500 with that chip. Run some benchies and tell us what you com up with. I think that even though you have a very high bus speed with the 700@160 fsb, you will still find that the Tualatin will eat it alive. The Tualatin from my understanding gets a lot more done per clock cycle than the coppermine chips do. Run those benchies and let us know. Will be interesting to find out.
p3-700@1120/ Tully 1.3a benchys

First off I can not copy the actual benches fron Sisoft Sandra. I only have the trial version. Here are the tests results I have so far. I will run some more tuly 1.3a test oc,ed latter I just wanted to see how they compared so far.

P3@1120 (160fsb)
CPU Arithmetic Drystone 3003/ Whetstone 1510
CPU Multimedia Integer iSSe 6089/ Floating Point 7451
Memory Bandwith Int-Buffered 1205/ Floating buffered 1157

Tuly 1.3a @ 1300 (100fsb/Memory 133)
CPU Arithmetic Drystone 3601/ Whetstone 1752
CPU Multimedia Integer iSSe 7119/ Floating Point 8838
Memory Bandwith Int-Buffered 569/ Floating buffered 570

As you can see the tully really outperforms the p3 in math and multimeda. But sucks in memory bandwith. To me just comparing both systems from a seat of the pants point of veiw the p3 @ 1120 just feels faster overall. While I have been able to get up to to 1521mhz out of the tuly it runs hotter and is just not that stable while the p3 @1120 is very stable so far and appears to have more room to oc. Can anyone tell me how far on the fsb is safe (160-170?) and what might happen if I push it to far??

Yes oc'ing is like taking drugs, its very addictive. Thanks for the replies.
Yes, your results seem to be typical. These chips top out at around 1.5-106GHz's. For a everyday-system I personally wouldn't go above a FSB of 145MHz's on my VH6T. Above that the PCI and AGP frequencies are waaaay too out of specs for my liking.
Congratulation on your Pentium III 700.
At 160fsb, it is a real Sceamer

Can you tell me is that a StepC0 core or StepB0 core?

As far as more OC head room goes, I don't think you can go any higher. The chip might, but MOST Motherboard aren't too stable once you exceed the 150mhz fsb.

Also there is the AGP/PCI -out of spec-concern

at 160mhz, a 1/2 AGP divider = 80mhz. That is already 21% overclocking the AGP port. Any higher you're likely take down your AGP card as well
The P3-700 Chip is a Cco stepping @ 1.7v default. I originaly had it in an old Procomp Mobo @ 933 (7X133) @ default voltage. I ran it for about 8 mos with never a problem. Then My Mobo started acting up (no keyboard voltage) So I bought a cheap MSI 6831 and it would only run @ 784 (7X112) . I then decided ot get a Tuly 1.3a and new abit vh6t. After having only so so luck oc,ing the tuly I decided just for Kicks to try the p3-700 in the abit mobo and holy cow was I suprized to see how good that chip was able to oc.

Now the oc bug has really got me and I have two pc,s. One is for everyday use and the other is my little project. I am about to retry my 1.3a in the abit with better cooling and see if I can get it to run at 124-133 fsb after burnin. And if I am not successful with that I will probably get a 1.1a and start over. I hate to waist the P3 though but at least I will have a great back-up Cpu.