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Video card killed monitor?

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Mar 16, 2001
Zagreb, Croatia
my 3 years old Adi MS-GT56 started to give weird symptomes of dyin. I am gettin weird color changes, mostly of green pattern.
Monitor suddenly changes sharp clear picture to some greenish layered one. That is best visible on the white desktop bacground or blank IE window. Also windows fonts appear to be slightly blue not black.
I plugged another of my monitors to Sapphire 9800 and everythin seems fine.
It is Sony G200.
I wonder could it be that my video card caused my Adi to go wild, or is it just that his "time" came?
I ask this cuz i never had this kind of problem and im affraid if it is my video card that is faulty that my other healthy monitor will start dyin too. Is it possible that vga card causes monitors to die this way?
Please enlight me.


Senior Member
Dec 24, 2001
Shasta Lake, California
It is very unlikely. The only way I know that it would be possible for a vid card to kill a monitor is by forcing an unsupported refresh rate onto the monitor. This can cause damage. Most monitors, however, will simply refuse to display refresh rates that are out of their range, and thus will not be damaged.