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Water Cool and Peltier Virgin

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Feb 28, 2001
oooooooh its gonna be my first time.

Ive a few questions if your dont mind answering them.
My rig @ the mo is a celly II 633@1045 (1.78V , idle 29C load 44C) using a fop38. It will go higher but isnt stable so i was thinking about a water cool + peltier solution.

Nehoo on to the questions

1: Now i understand that i'll need a sufficiently wattage rated peltier for this too work. So just go for the highest rated one or what?

2: Copper is better than aluminium but so far i can only find an senfu aluminium stockist in the UK. Now i dont mind ordering from the US but last time i did for a pep66 it never arrived and the company didnt answer my emails...but if you know of a top reputable company then please let me know.

3. And finally, anything to look out for?


Hey Wal,
I believe most people running celly's use a 72 watt pelt, and you should still use a seperate power supply to run it. definately make sure you insulate the mobo and chip. As far as the waterblock go to http://www.dangerden.com I believe they ship international, Dan is a super nice guy and they have great service and I would dam near bet my system he would get it to you as quick as the shipping will get it there, provided he has the waterblock you want in stock. I recieved mine 4 days after ordering and it was packaged great and the waterblock needed no extra work to make it smooth had a great finish on it. Well hope this info helps.
cheers m8.....

looking into Dangerden as i type..

Ive read a few things about needing to insulate the mobo and cpu from condensation, is that what you mean? But how do i do that.?

Ive seen on the senfu kit (i'm going to piece mine togther myself..) that you can get stickybacked insulation foam. Do u just simply cut a shape out for your mobo, making sure that the pci slots and chipset stick and everything else that sticks out from your mobo has a hole cut. and then stick it over the socket and chip leaving a hole for the core to stick out of?

Do u insulate the back too?

Wal :)