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Water Cooling advice for new build

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New Member
Dec 10, 2012
This is a Copy of a post I have made on other fourms trying to tap the minds of people in the know.

Heya all

Long time lurker first time poster.

I have just recently ordered one of CaseLabs excellent STH10 cases for my new custom build. http://www.caselabs-store.com/magnum-sth10/

Since its the basis of nearly a total new build I decided I would be Santa for myself this year and going to go the whole hog with a custom water cooling setup.

System this is for: (only gonna worry about the stuff thats I will WC

Intel Intel Core i7 3930K at 4.5 at least more if I can keep it cool on a Asrock Extreme 9
2 Gigabyte GTX670's OC windforce 30s stripped of there air coolers and using XSPC Razor GTX 680 Full Coverage Waterblock (the fancy newer blacks ones with leds) running at 1240 or so atm getting to hot right now going to have to down clock in this current system for summer.

Still being rather raw with larger WC setups I was wondering.

Fitting a XSPC Twin D5 Dual Bay Reservoir Pump Combo in the top chamber so I can easily pop the room to get to it for refilling since I have found I need to top it up every 2 weeks or so when summer is raging here and that I found with some of my other WC builds of a smaller scale that bleeding air out of the system is infinitely easier when the res is above the rads.

To combat the shocking air temps here in Australia over summer I am planning to fit 2 black 420 or 560 black ice GTX rads in the bottom chamber running full 12 to 16 fans in a push pull setup.

Now as you can see its a massive amount of case between the Res and the Rads to save having to run tubing all over the place would a setup like this work out?

RES/Pump > CPU > GPU > GPU > RAD > RAD > RES\Pump

Basically have the RAD's nearly working as one ultra giant 840 or 1120

and since I never built a loop of this size aka amount of tubing to move from top to bottom chambers will my choice of the dual d5's be enough to move the water around at a decent flow rate.

Trying to setup the loop like this so the case can be modded and painted in a specific way with solid chamber plates at the top and the vented ones at the bottom.

Any ideas or advise you can offer would be great before I drop big cash and have it fall over:p

Thanks for reading.
Looks okay to me, water temp in a loop changes little, 1-2 C typically from the hottest to the coldest. So, res before pump and best tube routing is what we always tell folks to do.
Thanks for the reply I like to have a conclave of minds before doing anything outside my norm especially when it comes to big cash.
You have watercooled before, but not sure how much time you have spent on the stickies.

Looks okay to me, but have you looked at the 35x pump? It can handle a CPU/GPUx2 setup with just one pump, and it's PWM off the mobo. Look at my sig, my idle RPM (now is 1748 rpm) and that's 20%. At load I never had an issue with it at 50% speed at load testing and temps. It's quiet.

I like the good ol' 655s too, if you have them laying around I see no reason not to use an old pump and yea, maybe 2 655s would be better for your needs if you don't want to buy a new pump.

Anyhoo, you have watercooled before and have a good start.

Ohh the rads seem to be fine and do you really need push/pull? Try it with just one first, you might be surprised.
instead of RES/Pump > CPU > GPU > GPU > RAD > RAD > RES\Pump

I will go:
RES/Pump > CPU > RAD > GPU > GPU > RAD > RES\Pump

while overall the temperature will be exactly the same, as the average water temperature varies less than 1'c through out each segment. There will be individually excited water molecules that can 'in theory' reducing cooling ability if you run through too many hot devices in a continuity. In the area of experimental science, we tested this, and found the difference to be so small it is neglectable, but still for the sake of peace of mind, that's how I will do it. :)

given your set up, the 35X will be a little better than the 655 pump, as 3 water blocks and 2 rads will create a fair bit of static pressure in the loop, and the 655 pump is known to quickly decrease in efficiency with each additional waterblock. the 35X, or the 35X2 with dual pump redundancy is probably your choice to go with.

I wrote much about these things:

Here's I hope it helps.