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water cooling: are my tubes too long

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May 22, 2001
im setting up my watercooling system and deciding how to position my rad, pump and res, all of which will be outside the case.

im using the eheim 1250, maze2, DD chipset waterblock and a heatercore rad, and a cheap $1 small reservoir. the tube i will use is 1/2" ID.

ive finished the measurements of the amount of tubing i will need, and it seems that the amount of tubing from the outlet to the inlet of the pump will be about 11ft of tubing. the pump, res, rad and water blocks are all the same level (ie. the water doesnt have to travel up and down, only sideways).

i need to know if its ok for me to have such a long distance involved (ie. 11ft), while using the eheim1250? on their website the 1250 has a head of 2.0m (7ft) where i will be pushing the water to 11ft.

any input will be grateful.

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The Swiftech system I'm putting together comes with about 5ft of tube. and it wasn't enough. I had to go out and buy about 6 more inches and 2- 90 degree fittings. It's going in a std. full tower case too.

So, to answer ur question......No, you tubes arn't too long.

Good Luck with your system.

ok thanx man.

but like u said, u used 5.5ft of tubing (im planning on using 11ft). also im using 2 waterblocks. on the other hand i am using an eheim1250 which i presume is stronger than the pump that u were using.

it would make me feel alot more confident if some more people could ok the tube length im planning on using.
I'll be using a 1048 pump, (same as HOOTS:D ) Yours is a Higher capasity pump. And like you said, everything is mounted sideways. ~ I don't see any problems with this.

I'll give it my OK stamp.
Give it a try, as long as everything is hooked up and working, you won't fry anything.

strokeside said:
I think the 7ft head is has means it can push water vertically 7ft, which I'm sure needs a lot more force then pushing 11ft sideways.

yep thats what i was thinking, but just wanted to run this past some people who have experience with watercooling. this is my first and although i know heaps about computer hard ware, i have no experience at all with water cooling. im learning on a daily basis
ok, so it seems unanimous that im ok to use 11ft of tubing.

another question: right now, my res and pump are at the same level, do u guys think it would be beneficial to place the reservoir higher than my pump (ie. the highest point of the watercooling system will be the res) this will mean that any air will collect in the reservoir and not in the rest of the system. is this logical thinking or would it not make a difference. at the moment i want to place my res right beside my pump, at the same level (maybe a few cms below it in fact).
There will be some pressure loss because of the lenght, but I guess you have a good reason for having your watercooling parts so far away from the computer, right?
well my actual pump is just out side my case, i would say its about 6" away from it, but the tubing im referring to is that which goes from
pump -> radiator -> cpublock -> chipset block -> res -> pump

the tubing that connects this setup has total length = 11ft.

my case is small so no room to put the pump, res rad, etc in the case. they have to be outside.
Whats the GPH at 7' for that pump?

Your water may end up just trickling through 11 feet of tube plus all the joints and hardware you have attached to it..

I use a 20' tube to siphon out my 90 gallon fish tank, and even after a 3' drop, the water just dribbles out the end.

However when I use a 5' hose to vaccuum the gravel, it comes blasting out like a fire hose.

Here is an example of flow rate table. Your pump may have come with one. I searched around but couldn't dig one up on the net for the eheim pumps. Has anyone else seen one?

Here is some tests that dangerden performed. Notice how much the flow rate can drop off...
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