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SOLVED water cooling. You need a pelt!!!!

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A few days ago I was running a 46db fan/hs on my TB 900@1030. My girlfriend hates the noise. I said ok Ill H20 cool it. I expected great results and was quite disappointed. My temps actually were higher I was breaking 50c. I've now been looking into adding a pelt and supercooling it. All I want is a loaded temp around the mid 30c. Any ideas. would a 50watt pelt help. And with the introduction of the pelt will I need another noisey fan? thanks!!!
Make sure you have sufficient surface area (i.e. radiator) to cool of your water. Also you will need a fan to blow through your radiator.

A 50W pelt will not helpmuch, in fact I am not even sure that 85W will do much. Moreover the pelts generate additional heat. The CPU is about 60W, now you are adding 85W or possibly 156W for a big pelt !. So your chip may get cooler, but your water and your case will heat up quite a bit, likely requiring several fans.

My 85 watt pelt only keeps my chip at 30 to 32 on a hot day. My case temps are in the same range and I have 4 80mm fans exhausting air from the case and 1 120mm fan blowing air in the case and 1 more 120mm sucking air through the rad. 1 of those 120's is LOUD. The pelt is generating much more heat than just the water cooling alone was. I'm not sure the pelt is giving me enough benefit to justify all the fan noise i have going.

I'm running an 85w peltier on my PIII 800E @ 1008mhz with an slot 1 alpha, And my cpu temps idle around the middle teens! and never really gets over 27c under very extreme load! All though we'll see what happens as the weather keeps getting warmer.

But I'm expecting my water cooling to be in by this weekend. I'm keeping my 85w pelt. on the cpu. I hope to see good results. I'll let you guys know.