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water question

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nf4hc (Jun 25, 2001 11:25 p.m.):
anyone know what the C/W of water is? TIA

You mean the C/W of a water-cooling system? Some guy awhile back measured it to be about 0.2 to 0.15 but the fact is C/W measurements are not linear. If you need to know the properties of water at 300K (27'C) then it's:

Saturation pressure = 0.03531 bars
latent heat of vaporization =2438 kJ/kg
specific heat capacity (of liquid water) =4179 kj/(kg.K)
Thermal conductivity (of liquid water) =0.613 W/(m.K)
Expansion coefficient = 276.1E-6 k-1
i get around .18c/w with water....
dangerden maze 1 using a 5 foot tall 4 inch water tower.
still dont have a fan for the water tower so...
my temps are a little high right now :)
also i am still using tap water.
no water wetter or anything to help lower the temps so....
.18c/w is a little high for a water cooler, but once i get it all set up .15c/w -.1c/w should be obtainable
.12c/w eh?
what kind of water?
did you add anything to it?
how do you cool the water?

As this all makes a difference in the c/w ratting