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Watercooling enclosure

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New Member
May 18, 2004
I am thinking of getting the WaterChill Antarctica CPU Cooling Kit
But I have run into a problem.
My case is pretty crowed with 4 hard drives so I can put the watercooling parts inside the case
I am thinking of buying a small box and then placing the kit since (kind of like a DIY Hydrocool)
Is there a box you recommend I get or would I have to build it myself.
What dimensions is should it be

Thanks for any help


Mar 15, 2004
Hidden Mountaintop Research Lab
Well I don't know much about that particular kit but most aren't what I would call high-perfromance as im sure many will tell you here. You would be better off building your own, tons of people here willing to help in that respect. If you still want to go on with using the kit building an external enclosure is relatively easy. If you want somehting cheap its easy enough to use a tupperware container with some hols cut in it. If you want something that looks a little better you could always make one yourself out of wood. Just about any box will work as long as it will fit your equipment.

A lot of people build external enclosures (me included) because it frees up a lot of space in the computer though it does lower system mobility. As for dimensions it really depends on your equipment and the size of the fans you use. You can also plan for future upgrades like leaving extra space for a larger pump, more fans, more raditors, and so on. Its really up to you when it comes to design, there is no real standard for this sort of thing.