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Weird Issue with my new XFX 780i SLI Motherboard, music cuts in and out when its ....

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Sep 9, 2005
Kauai, Kapaa, HI
Weird Issue with my new XFX 780i SLI Motherboard, music cuts in and out when its ....

Hey all,

Ok, first off I want to say I am a computer guy and I run a computer shop out here in Hawaii. Anyways, I just built a new computer for myself.

XFX 780i with two video cards
Raid 0+1 4x HD's
Sound Blaster X-FI

Anyways, when i am coping stuff from, like lets say installing stuff or to and from my firewire drive the music cuts on and off and stutters a little and then it picks back up. It only does this when doing something with I can only assume full HD Load...

I belive the problem is the nvidia raid (junk)

But my problem is, I have no free PCI slots free for a Real raid card. I dont know why they design things like this where you can only have 1 PCI card installed and that is used. Sure if i take out my other video card I will have another PCI slot, but I really didn't want too was this is my personal gaming rig....

So, if its the nvidia raid controller, any of you seen any fixes out there? is Raid 0 + 1 too much for the on board...

I miss my Intel Raid :(

Let me know what you guys think
Well found the problem. Its with the Creative Audio Driver prioity level, for some reason its 2 instead of one. I believe this is simply unfixable. This is also caused in SLI setups....

Solution, ordered a ASUS PCI Express sound card..
Really good trouble shooting. I'd be interested
to know how you found it.

To be honest, Called XFX and Creative and they both confirmed. However this is normally caused on PCIe not PCI, but it can happen.

Soundblaster cards if you look at them wrong they dont work right. Its long over due to part with this card, I have always wanted to try the ASUS one since it came out, well now is the time...