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Welcome our newest Senior Member - Lochekey

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Congratulations Joe, well deserved.
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Hey guys thanks for putting your faith in me. I will try to live up to the example the other senior members have set before me. I see that I will be spending the rest of the night studying while continueing my ever perpetual driver testing:D
This should call for a good ol' fashion shindig down in the holler.
At least worth butchering something over I figure?
Thanks you guys,

oh and Swarthack, I think this is a good excuse for one of you unforgettable prose.

Just remember to stick to that long winded and digressive but only slightly torturous and disjointed while still be contrite with just an air of rambling and circuitous novel like story that we have all come to love:D
(I had to find my thesaurus for this one)
If he answers that, it shall remain pink longer.....I KID, I KID.

(ok, I honestly have no idea, I wasn't part of the 'pinking')
Congrats brah.
Now, I gotta ask, why the pink for so long now?

Because it goes so well with my hat and shirt and really brings out my eyes. Oh and because i wanted to see if I could really put my foot in my mouth.
Congrats Lochekey! :salute:

I'm kinda surprised that they stuck with Senior Blue? Maybe there's another box to check off to get a color more screaming?
Thanks Robert, I cannot be flamboyant all of the time, I might scare off the neighbors.

Thanks Vishera, It seems like I have been here longer honestly. Didn't realize the time frame until you pointed it out.