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Where can I improve?

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Mar 23, 2002
Saint Louis, Missouri
I use my build primarily for gaming online (ESO) so I believe my internet connection is the biggest culprit to my low ping & FR issues HOWEVER, maybe I just don't know, so I'm asking you all, looking at my build below, is there a bottleneck performance-wise? Something I could replace that would give me noticeable performance gains? I'd love to build a new rig from the ground up but it's not in the budget right now.

Unless your ssd or hard drive is having issues, I'd say yeah your connection. Installing the game completely on an ssd may help but don't count on it.
1. What is ESO?
2. You want a low ping... its a high ping that would be the/a problem.
ESO = Elder Scrolls Online

Game is a little big of a pig, but not as bad as some others. High end specs can definitely make it run smoother and your definitely solidly in the mid end range.

Just playing at 1080p? Using stock medium type visual settings, higher, or custom?
I am sure there are some ESO performance tweak posts. Usually there is one or two things that make very little visual difference but improve performance greatly. Such as view distance, shadows, grass density, etc.
Your running your i5 at stock speeds, turbo is enabled? See no reason you shouldn't go up to at least 4 ghz.

To me your system is well past its half-life and heading into retirement years. Your probably better off selling the whole system off as a working decent machine and building a new one than upgrading a couple pieces and having what you took out sit around. Otherwise if you want to keep the guts: case, psu, ssds, etc are all still solid then start with video upgrade, then cpu\mb later. GTX 1070 once its out and initial price gouging is over with natch.
Is the 3570k really that much of a bottleneck? I don't see anything that weak besides the gpu.
Is the 3570k really that much of a bottleneck? I don't see anything that weak besides the gpu.
This... Ivy bridge shouldn't hold things back much if any at all. Maybe because of the game and its a quad but not a quad with HT? Not sure. I would look at the GPU first though if its an FPS issue and you do not want to turn down some settings.
although an mmo and biased towards "more cpu", the gtx 760 is the culprit.

FWIW only your internet (and associated tasks, like downloading or streaming) and distance from the server will affect ping.
Thanks to you all for the replies. It's definitely an older system, but I'm usually a couple generations behind on my builds ($$$) I know my internet connection is effecting the ping (it's *way* too high for my liking) but I feel like I should be able to play at the higher resolutions/settings and I may look at a new GPU, something I can take with me when I DO start a new build but that will improve performance of the old horse now ;) I'll also look into OC this Ivy chip
An rx 480 should do you quite nicely.... that would be a massive, massive upgrade for you.... but you have to wait a few weeks :D