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Wierdness after Win22h2 fixed by Nvidia updates, then breaks again, then fixed again..

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Nov 1, 2009
Austin, TX
this story starts with Windows 11 22h2 with an Nvidia card. (Forgotten Legend PC in signature). I reckoned i'd post just in case anyone else suffered through this, too, without the fix, there is hope!

so, there was an Nvidia issue introduced with Windows 11 22h2, that Nvidia said they fixed with Geforce Experience 3.26. (basically stuttering and lagging while gaming) that also caused 3dMark benchmarks to fall a good 10-20%. the latest drivers, 522.25, pretty much fixed the low framerates and low benchmarks for me... until amazon prime streaming froze my web-browser ( I use brave, a chrome based, ad-blocking browser), and then the low performance (but not the stuttering / lagging) returned. so i re-installed the drivers and rebooted, and the benchmarks / gaming framerates went back up.

for reference my benchmarks (in daily driver mode, no optimizations for benchmarking) went as follows:

before 22h2: Port Royal: 11900; Timespy: 18500; Fire Strike: 37200
after 22h2: Port Royal: 9900; Timespy: 16300; Fire Strike: 33800
after Nvidia: Port Royal: 11900; Timespy: 18500; Fire Strike: 37500

TL;DR: had to re-install Nvidia drivers after video streaming broke the fix Hoping it won't break again...