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Addicted Tweaker
Nov 29, 2001
Toronto, Canada
okay guys, i've been using win2k for a while now, and its been great. but one of my friend wouldn't change to win2k no matter what, he said he will only use win98. can somebody please tell me what so great about win98, if there is any?!:mad:
there is nothing great about 98...in fact, I think that would be considered an oxymoron...:eh?:
The 9X kernel was unstable and slow, just like the DOS system on which it was based...but some people will never learn...:eek:
Hmm, I've stayed with 98se at home because I was worried about some of my games(D2, Baldurs Gate2) not running on 2000. Not sure if this belief is well founded or not.
Why don't you just get Windows XP?

you don't need to worry about games working unlike in Windows 2000, and it is not an *** OS unlike Windows 98 :D
Or create a dual boot.

I'm running 98se and 2k at home. At first I thought 98 would be the os i run the most but it's turned out that i never use the 98 partition except for occational tests.

2k is by far a better os.