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Windows 7 Tips & Tweaks

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Oct 14, 2007
Well, it doesn't seem this one has been started yet. With the impending release of MS's newest entry into the OS market, I figured it would be helpful. I'm just getting started, and I'm sure lots of you have already come up with your own considering the beta & RC have been out for a while now (with RTM released a short bit ago as well).

So, I'll start this thread off with some keyboard shortcuts I shamelessly ripped from a Maximum PC article. To make it easy for myself, I wanted to get a printable version to put next to the computer. I've given credit where it's due at the bottom of the page. Download the attached .doc and print it for yourself. :)

I'll also reserve the next two posts to organize any tips & tweaks submitted. If it's a great link or tip, I'll edit it into the next two posts. Will do my best to keep this up to date and organized.

First up for links is: TweakWin7.com. Note as a disclaimer that I have NOT downloaded anything as if today, so I cannot verify it is virus/malware free, but it looks like a legit site with good info.

Add your own tips, tweaks or links!


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Thanks, I'm hoping so!

Added a couple additional links and an application. I'm going to format this with external links and links to applications in the second post and when/if people post their own tips in this thread, I'll use the second post to link directly to their posts to prevent people from having to read the entire thread and find what they need again. :beer:
honestly the only thing ive done is disable services from

and just a few common 'tweaks' that have been around since xp
like disabling home networking, disabling unused hardware in device manager, and playing with some action center settings (which is definitely much less annoying than vista's uac)
Bet that took a while to do; excellent link. Thanks!
Added searching stuff (thanks c627627 for your thread and the condensed post!).

Also added this one:

7 Free Windows 7 Tweaking Utilities - Download Squad roundup of free utilities.

If anyone runs into any problems with those programs, please let me know asap and I'll throw up a disclaimer. I've linked to the article without testing them myself (at work with no Win7 install).

EDIT - Added several more (hopefully) helpful links & applications.
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lol HokieAlums.... are you funnyperson?

Subscribed. Main rig is primarily win7_RC_7100, will reinstall once the RTM .iso shows up on the tech student DL page. Free / already paid for OS included in my tech fee = FTW. It hasn't been too had moving to win7, think I'm ready to stick with it and start more extensive tweaks.
Well...I don't know. Did I say something funny? You have me very confused!

But I do see what looks like you're a hokie as well...GO HOKIES!
has anyone figured out a way to upgrade from RC to RTM? what a waste of time to say the least! I've setup windows 7, but to find out I'll need to re-install all of my apps once again with the retail copy...
I've seen that you CAN do it, but it's not advisable. RC is bloated with extra debugging code not in the RTM release. It's better to start fresh and get rid of all of that extraneous code, at least IMHO.
I was going crazy watching you guys test drive the RC, waiting for the TechNet RTM. Sounds like the shoe is on the other foot now :p.

I don't know if this would actually work for you but
Open Win 7 RTM \sources\cversion.ini and modify the MinClient number to a number lower than the version Windows 7 that you want to upgrade from.
That's precisely how I'd heard it done. Again, MS does not want people trying to do this, FWIW.