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WINE Installed Or Not?

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Inactive Pokémon Moderator
Jun 20, 2001
Vancouver, WA
I just went to the WINE site to try it out, so I could run the Win SETI client emulated (I've heard it gets better times then the linux compiled for some reason). I downloaded the RPM, and when it finally finished downloading, it ran and said that it needed some dependencies. It asked for my install CD, which I gave it, and it happily copied from the CDs for a minute or two. After that, it appeared to be finished, but I can't find any trace of WINE on the system!

Did I do something wrong, or I blind :D


Senior Member
Jun 8, 2002
The versions of RPM I've used usually just spit out the list of failed dependencies and quit: you have to track them down and install them yourself, and then reinstall the package you started with. I'd try attempting to install the Wine RPM again.

If you want to check if Wine is installed, first type at a command prompt:

If you get a command not found error, then you either don't have the binary, or its not in your $PATH. To be sure, type, as root:
slocate -u
(should take a while)
slocate wine

That will give you a list of every file on the system with the stirng 'wine' in its name. If you have the wine binary, it will be in that list.