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Wow. Is there actually a SP4 coming for W2k?

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Aug 3, 2002
I just did the fun update at M$'s site and installed their "latest" securitiy fixes qsomething and it said this is a hotfix pre SP4 file.

This must be a record!
At least, they're still working on w2k, and won't ditch it like they did for 9x and Me.
The last NT 4.0 SP I used was SP6a

They always continue to support longer than they would like: many corporate IT departments will refuse to use a new OS until it has met THEIR testing criteria for security and stability, and many home users are the same ;)

I do not have XP on any of my personal computers, and still am not willing to consider it: 2K is better for me, and if it gets to the point where it no longer meets my needs there are many flavors of linux around:D

I am less frustrated by XP after SP1 (I no longer call it a NON operating system) but it has absolutely no improvements worth having- and a few things that detract from it!- and big business is sure to feel the same.