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Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo II and S1 PLUS Review

Arctic is well known for their cooling solutions from CPU’s to GPU’s and fans, they even make cases as well. Today Arctic has given us an opportunity to review the Accelero Twin Turbo II and the passive (optional fan purchased separately) solution the Accelero S1 PLUS. Both of these coolers can work with some of the newer GPU’s, think 6 series from Nvidia, and 7 series from AMD, and we will be testing them both out on the MSI 7870 HAWK. Read More

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MSI GTX680 Lightning GPU Review

Today we get to look at arguably one of the most coveted models of cards for enthusiasts from MSI, their Lightning brand. For this implementation, all the features that come along with that such as more robust power delivery area and cooling to name two, have been applied to Nvidia’s venerable GTX 680. Let’s take a closer look and see how this one performs. Read More

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AMD A8-3870K APU Review

While APU’s (accelerated processing units) may not be as exciting as the top of the line speedsters put out by Intel, they do have their place in advancing processor technology. With the release of the first unlocked APU, the A8 3870K, AMD steps closer to making the APU a viable option for your every day computing and gaming needs. Read More