A Case of Opteron Overclocking . . .

I got this email:

Hi, just wanted do give you some info wrt. Opteron overclocking. I got the CEP revision of 144 from Newegg for $270.

The chip is indeed a great alternative to FX51. I have it running currently at 240mhz FSB on Leadtek Nforce3 board. Had Asus SK8N but the Leadtek K8NW is really the only proper choice for overclocking this chip. It does much better than the Asus board because it truly locks PCI, features great voltage control and has a 2.5 HT divider which allows you to run HT at 600mhz with high FSB (Asus only does 2x or 3x). Even with that OC, I really don’t think the chip is breaking any sweat, for one it runs at 1.55v, so plenty of headroom left there although there’s only so much you can do with FSB w/o multipliers.

Overall, a combination of Leadtek K8NW and Opteron 144 is a one 2.2ghz kickass combo. Just wanted to give you heads up. . . .

I see a lot of kids buying A64’s and leaving out this truly outstanding performer which is cheaper to boot. Perhaps a little followup to your previous article would help giving them some appreciation.


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