A Cool System

What to with air conditioners – John Fregona

Here’s a system that has all the cooling one could want!


The system has a freeze water cooler running on alcohol and a back up cooler. There is a modified air conditioner and 6 large fans to hold the cool air @ 50 degrees in the back and front of the mother board.
This keeps components cool and there is no condensation from the
extreme cooling. I keep the system runing at a temp of 0ºC @ THE
CPU AND 50 DEGREES F at the case.


System Features:

  1. 3, 512 Corsair extreme memory
  2. AMD 3200 running at 2600 MHz (4000 +)
  3. I designed the water blocks – all copper 3/4″ thick x 3″ & 1/2″ inlets
    spiral core design – there’s no plastic here.

  4. The clear case I designed and had the parts built by tap plastic
    large case with a quick change motherboard procedure, rip one
    out a install another in 5 minutes.

  5. 750 watt power supply
  6. Two Nivida graphic cards
  7. 5 15000 rpm drives arrayed (Seagate Cheetah)


This computer is used for only CAD work only and is stable.
I could overclock more but this sometimes causes drive problems; then I have to reinstall software afer a given time, which is a pain.

I will sometime this year revise the system to an AMD 64.



Here is an update on my cool system; I am now running an AMD Opteron running @ 3.0 stable – this computer has it all! I use it for my design office.









John Fregona M.E.

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