Alpha PRE9060 Pentium 4 (LGA775) Heatsink

Heatsink test – Joe

SUMMARY: An effective cooling solution with moderate noise levels.


Size: 90 x 90 x 60 mm; Weight 720 grams.

The good guys at Alpha were nice enough to send a sample of their PRE9060 Pentium 4 (LGA775) Heatsink to test. Note that this heat sink is designed only for LGA775 – the mounting gear uses the four holes surrounding the LGA775 socket and will not fit any other pattern.

The bare heatsink the very dense array of circular pins:


The base is a copper insert and has visible polishing ridges which I could slightly feel by dragging my fingernail over it:


Parts that ship with the unit includes a mounting bracket which uses the four hole surrounding the socket – this will require removal of the motherboard to mount.


Overall, this is typical ALpha – well built and substantial.

The Test

The Alpha was tested on the CPU Die Simulator which gives results that are unaffected by motherboard influences. This is a small die test – results with a LGA775 CPU will be somewhat better due to its heat spreader (the watt densities over the heat spreader are somewhat lower compared to the actual chip); however, for purposes of comparative rankings, I will test all heatsinks with the smaller die.

The fan used was an Oriental Motor #MD925A-12S, a 92 mm unit rated 45.9 cfm @ 3,400 rpm, 36 dBA. Alpha orients fans to blow out from the heatsink rather than in – there is no performance advantage to blowing into the heatsink, and in other tests, blowing in was marginally worse. To gauge the upper performance range, I also tested with a Vantec Tornado, a 92 x 38 mm rated at 119 cfm @ 4800 rpm – also screamingly loud.

Alpha PRE9060 Test Results

Thermal Grease

Die Temp

Ambient Temp



Oriental Fan, 45.9 cfm

41.5 ºC

18.2 ºC

23.2 ºC


Oriental Fan, 119 cfm

39.7 ºC

18.1 ºC

21.6 ºC


Interesting to see that a very aggressive fan does not yield substantially better results. Die Simulator results place the Alpha PRE9060 in the upper rank of heatsinks tested to date (Heatsink Ranking).


Alpha’s PRE9060 Pentium 4 (LGA775) Heatsink is an effective cooling solution with moderate noise levels.

Thanks again to Alpha for sending this our way.

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