BitFenix Announces Outlaw Case

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Logo (Courtesy BitFenix)

BitFenix is set to release a new mid-tower ATX case in September 2011 called “Outlaw”. Initial MSRP pricing is aimed at 39€ (incl. 19% VAT), and $49 in the states.

Where does this name come from? BitFenix Product Manager David Jarlestedt hints at the name in their official press release: “We set out to design a value gaming chassis like no other on the market, and the result of that is Outlaw, offering features normally found on chassis twice the price, Outlaw is a gaming case that really does break all the rules.” That last line suggests the thinking behind the name of this new case.

The most unique feature of this new case is the reverse directional mounting of the motherboard, which puts all of the expansion slots at the top of the case, instead of at the bottom. BitFenix states that this feature enhances the cooling of GPU cards, and allows for the longer cards that wouldn’t usually fit in a case this size. We can all relate to that problem! Here are a few pictures of the ‘Outlaw’ case:


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BitFenix Outlaw

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Inside the Case



Now comes the part that looks ‘weird’ at first, for those who are familiar with the generic layout of the back of a standard ATX case. We’ll also include a view of the front for reference.

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Unique Back of Case Design

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Front of Case



No, the image isn’t upside down…that’s just the creative design by the folks at and their engineering team. For more details, check out the official press release, which can be found here.

Note: All images courtesy BitFenix.

-John Tyra (Jmtyra)

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