CES 2016: Kingston/HyperX Demos NVMe M.2 SSD & Revolver Headset

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In this installment of our CES product tour, we enter the massive Kingston/HyperX showcase. Everything from gaming peripherals to memory to SSDs were on display. Highlights included the upcoming Cloud Revolver gaming headset and Predator NVMe M.2 SSD.

HyperX Predator NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD

Although Q2 seems like a long time from now, the HyperX Predator NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD will be worth the wait. In the demo, a 480 GB prototype drive showed some impressive speeds of 1775 MB/s sequential read and 1675 MB/s sequential write. Details were not divulged about the controller or detailed specifications.

Gaming Headphones

HyperX Cloud Revolver looks to build on the success and quality of the previous HyperX headsets. This, however, is the first headset designed completely in house by HyperX/Kingston. It will feature a detachable mic, improved comfortable fit and 50mm drivers. Two versions will be released, likely in Q2, starting with a 2.1 stereo model, followed by a 7.1 USB version later on. No official pricing was available, but MSRP will likely be around $120 for the 2.1 and $150 for the 7.1 USB.

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In other headset-related news, HyperX was named an official XBOX ONE partner, so we also got a chance to check out their compatible headset as well.

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Predator Memory Refresh

No major product releases are coming for memory in the near future, but HyperX did refresh their Predator DDR4 line. The new sticks are outfitted with lower profile heatspreaders and a cool new design with speeds of up to 3000 MHz and capacities (kits) to 64GB.

Predator DDR4
Predator DDR4

Mobile Streaming Devices

Kingston was also showing off two new wireless devices, the MobileLite Wireless G3 and MobileLite Wireless Pro. Both have built-in charging capabilities for mobile devices and allow you to stream files to several different mobile devices simultaneously via USB device or SD card. The pro version has 64GB of storage onboard and a larger 6700 mAh batter (vs. 5400 mAh on the G3). These should hit the stores by February at $50 for the G3 and $100 for the pro version. Below is a photo of the MobileLight Pro on the right streaming to a tablet on the left. It was pretty smooth if I do say so myself!


We’ll leave you with an awesome build showcasing HyperX memory and SSD’s in a sexy, and robotic, In-Win H-Tower “Transformer” case (more to come on that in a future CES article).

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That’s all from HyperX and Kingston, but we will have a few more product roundups before calling it a wrap on this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.

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