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An 80mm, Socket A/370 heatsink with good performance — Joe

SUMMARY: Top rank performance with high noise levels.

Coolink U2P

Size: 87 x 80 x 76mm high; Fans: 80 x 32mm, 56cfm @ 5400 rpm; Weight: 460 gr;

The good guys at Coolink were nice enough to send some samples of their heatsink called the COOLINK U2Power (U2P). Coolink is a new face on the US scene. Currently, they are mainly sold in Eastern European markets. They are looking for US distribution, so if interested, drop them a line.

It features an 80mm fan, YS Tech Model #FD1280329B-2F – a 80 x 32mm unit rated at 56 cfm @ 5400 rpm. I found it to be noisier than a Delta 38 – I measured its noise at 71 dBA with a Radio Shack sound meter 8″ from the fan’s intake, more than a Delta 38 (about 69 dBA). It ships with a four pin adapter (MUST use – it draws 7.6w) and a separate tach wire so you can monitor fan rpms using a motherboard fan header.

The airflow is quite good and there’s a fair amount of air coming off the heatsink’s sides.

The base


is flat but could stand a better finish – lapping would be a plus. The base is soldered onto the aluminum top piece. Coolink did inform me that these units are “first production run” and that the finish will be better on subsequent units.

The clip is a standard – it engages one socket lug and requires a screwdriver to mount/dismount from the socket.

In summary, an fairly standard, copper base/aluminum extrusion heatsink with a secure clip.


The COOLINK U2Power (U2P) was first tested on the CPU Die Simulator which gives results that are unaffected by motherboard influences. I then tested it on an Iwill KK266+, modified to read AMD’s on-die diode, as an example of what users might see on their systems.



Die Temp

Ambient Temp



COOLINK U2Power (U2P), 77.6w

46.6 C

19.7 C

26.9 C


TEST RESULTS – Motherboard

CPU Die Temp

Ambient Temp



CPU Back Temp

Palomino 1200, Iwill KK266+

32.0 C

19.8 C



34.8 C

In-socket thermistor per MBM: 25C

Delta = CPU temp – Ambient Temp
C/W = Delta / CPU Watts

Interpreting C/W: For every watt the CPU radiates, the heatsink will cool the core by the (C/W x watts) plus ambient temp. For example, at an ambient temp of 25 C, a C/W of 0.25 with a CPU radiating 50 watts means that the CPU core temp will be 50 x 0.25 = 12.5 C over ambient temp, or 37.5 C. The lower the C/W, the better.

Die Simulator results place the COOLINK U2Power (U2P) in the top rank of heatsinks (Heatsink Ranking). Its motherboard performance is enhanced by high airflow through the fins, cooling secondary heatpaths around the socket.


With a better base finish, the COOLINK U2Power (U2P) will most likely perform a little better. This is another “super-sink” that appeals to consumers looking for top notch peformance and don’t mind excessive noise.

Thanks again to Coolink for sending this our way. They are looking for US distribution, so if interested, drop them a line. Their website shows a wide variety of designs available.

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