Does The PIV Have A Stutter?

I’m noticing something about the PIV, both here and abroad.

Here, I’m noticing that when I’m watching a video, the video stutters. Long enough to be noticeable, often enough to be noticeable. Not something I noticed with the same files on the Athlon system. Same video card, same hard drive, did defragmentation just to make sure.

Not just a matter of speed, either. I see the same thing whether I’m running at 2.67 or 2.13GHz.

I’ve also noticed that my benchmarking scores vary a bit more than I’m accustomed to. Sandra CPU will vary by about 2%. 3DMark will vary about 4-5%.

I know, thermal throttling is the standard explanation, but this is happening on a water-cooled system that doesn’t get above 43C or so.

Looking elsewhere, here and there, in the air war, I read about more extreme examples of this. One of the more extreme examples I read was of someone getting a bit less than 4K Sandra CPU when he should have been getting over 5K. That’s a huge difference.

Untypical? Probably? The result of user error? Maybe. But when I see people advise others to run their ego-boosting benchmarks immediately, while the machine is still cold, I start wondering.

These reports are like the video stutter, they happen often enough to be noticeable.

Are these sorts of things happening to you, or not? If not to you personally, are you running across this, too?

P.S. If you write me, tell what at what speed this is happening and at what voltage.


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