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The error message is usually (not always) IRQ_L NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL,
and the file affect is usually (not always) NTOSKRNL.exe.

Which IRQ level? Check the MSDN documentation, one of the printed values on the screen is
the current IRQ level [one of the iirc 4 values in the first or second line].

Valid IRQ levels are from 0x00 to 0x1f

If it’s 2, then blame the OS.
If it’s between 2 and 0x1f, then blame a hardware driver.

If you see something like 0x08000000, then you can blame chipset/ram –
the typical single bit error you see several times each week in posts to


Well, I’ve tried figuring out which of the four values is supposed to be the IRQ value, and I’m baffled.

The one that seems to fit most of the time is the second one, and I’ve gotten 2s, and I’ve gotten others.

If this helps anybody, fine. I just sent an email asking for a little more detail about this. If anybody else could shed more light on this, please send me a note.

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