Earth To Audience . . .

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The AGEIA PhysX card is coming out, and you can see a preview of it here.

I’m not going to go into the merits or demerits of the thing; I just want to ask one simple set of questions:

How many of you are waiting to lay out $300 on top of whatever you pay for video cards for this? $250 $200? Anything over $100?

I am not the least trying to suggest that it’s not worth it (or for that matter, worth it). I just want to know how willing the audience for this website is to pay significant money something like this.

This website has always had a bias against spending a lot of money. Most computer websites back in the late nineties did. Back then, overclocking was viewed as a means of saving hundreds of dollars just about as much as getting a faster machine.

Times have certainly changed since then, and at least some of the audience’s wallets have gotten rather looser than was the case in 1997 and 1998. Certainly, the manufacturers seem to think so, and many of the websites have chimed in.

It makes us here at wonder; have we lost touch? Are we banging an old, broken drum when we rail about higher prices? Do we need to move our assumptions upscale?

It seems to be that this card is a good indicator was how much times have changed. If a big chunk of you really are waiting to lay out a couple hundred bucks for this addon card, either now or later when/if more games work on it, we really need to install a new operating system in our heads, because if that’s the case, we have a much different audience than the one we used to have.

Before you answer, this isn’t “Should we get or buy this specific card to test?” that’s not being asked. The real question is, “How loose are you with your wallet in general when it comes to your system?”

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