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There are various programs available to format drives, manage partitions, verify the integrity of a file system, copy partitions and do partition recovery.  Not many are able to do all of those at no cost to the end user.  EASUS Partition Master is a program that claims this.  As explained by the company, the program can manage partitions, partition/disk copy and has a partition recovery wizard.  I will be putting all these features to the test to see if the claims are true.


Since this program is targeted mainly at Windows users, I have only used the Windows operating system and filesystems (sorry fellow penguins!).  My operating system of choice is Windows 7 (32 bit) which I have running on a Dell Optiplex GX280.  Yes, this is an older system, but it runs Windows 7 like a champ and does everything that I need it to do for the test.  A clean, fully updated Windows 7 install was used, without any other programs installed.  Windows Server operating systems can only be used with the paid version, which is outside the scope of this review.  For test files on the second partition, I made a copy of my flash drive onto the second partition that I created. The total size of the copied files was 3.6 GB and there were 7,268 files.  I then deleted it, restarted the system and attempted to get the files back.  After that, I wiped the drive to see if it could recover the files.  After that, I restored the partition so that it took up the entire drive.


After installing Windows, I installed the EASEUS Partition Manager and proceeded to make changes to the operating system drive.  I resized the operating system’s partition and moved it to the right side of the disk, which is two actions in one (resize and move).  The system required a restart to make the changes.  Below is the entire operation, including pictures of when it was outside of the operating system.  The whole operation finish in roughly 10 minutes, including restarts.  Considering this drive isn’t fast, the operation seemed to be limited by the raw speed of the drive alone.

I then created a second partition at the front of the drive and kept the defaults, except for my label.  After that, I copied the contents of my flash drive into this new partition.

After the copying had finished, I deleted this new partition and restarted the computer.  As expected, the partition was gone.  Back in the program, I launched the ‘Partition Recovery’ mode and it immediately found my test partition.  It restored it without issues and all my files were safe, for now.

I decided to take it up a step to see what it can recover from.  I used the wipe option on my test partition and let it run rampant on the disk.  After it had finished, I ran the ‘Partition Recovery’ mode, but it did not find my deleted files.  It asked to do a “Complete Search”, which took longer but still did not return any results. However, I honestly did not expect this program to recover the data since it is not what the software is designed for.

Finally, I modified the operating system partition to use the entire drive.  This oddly took around two to three times longer than the first time I moved the partition.  After a restart, it was as if nothing happened to the disk.


  1. Seems to do any disk operations that are needed.
  2. Handles multiple operations at once with no issues.
  3. All-in-one partition copy/modification.


  1. Keeps opening in full screen – does not remember last window state.
  2. Does basic partition and data recovery, but full recovery is requires a different, but related, software package.


If you need a basic Windows partition manager, such as the old school PartitionMagic, I believe this would fill a very similar role.  I will be keeping a copy of the free version on my flash drive in case it is needed.  I encountered no issues with the program and actually used it in a live environment before the review.  My main system was running a SSD with a 1TB Western Digital Black as storage.  I was able to copy the partition over from the SSD to the Western Digital and boot to the new drive without difficulty.  There are other programs that I could have used, but an all-in-one solution is a little more convenient.  The drawbacks listed are very minor and don’t change my view of the program.  I’d highly suggest trying this software out the next time you need a partition manager.

I also had the opportunity to work with EASEUS staff before and during the review.  They were courteous and extremely patient.

– Thideras

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Nice to see that there's some decent free software out there.

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i've actually used this once or twice and found it to be pretty good. however, i still default to using linux for all my disk management needs :thup: (gparted, cfdisk)

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I use the Partition Master Server Edition Unlimited for server and desktop partition managament. It's been reliable and fast. It's a bit expensive for the license, but allows use throughout our organization.

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Easeus is now the king of partition software for me, as well as Data Recovery and Back ups. I love this company

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I recommend this software, I used it in two servers both with RAID 5 and works without problems, not data loss, not data corrupt.

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