Followup On ReadyBoost . . .

The other day, I spoke a bit about ReadyBoost and pointed out that all flash drives aren’t created equal.

Here’s one article which speaks about the same thing and points out that many cards, even current ones, won’t even pass the ReadyBoost test, which means Vista will refuse to use them.

Here’s another article which points out some specific winners and losers, tells you how to find out just how fast or slow a particular drive is in Vista, and most importantly points to a database where users point out whether or not X flash drive meets the test or not.

I should point out that with some devices, how you format them matters sometimes, which seems to be the reason why a few of them are reported to be successes by some and failure by others. There’s a few cards that fail the test if formatted with either FAT32 or NTFS, but pass if you format them using the other of the two file format systems.

Again, putting more RAM in the box is better than plugging flash outside the box, but for those who already have a drive in hand, this should help.

Even if you wouldn’t use ReadyBoost on a dare, you can at least use the database to maybe get an idea on how fast a drive you might want to get for other reasons really is.


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