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2 heater cores?

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Dec 16, 2001
VIctoria, BC, Canada
I read on another post that it might be a good idea to put the heatercore first in line before the CPU, so the coolest water hits it. However, you could gradually heat your resevoir this way. So why not do this. Get 2 heater cores. Put them both in the front of the computer under the disk/HD. Run your circuit in this order. Resevoir -> heater core1 -> CPU -> whatever else you cool -> pump -> Heater core2 -> Resevoir. (you can switch them around, just have one before the CPU, and 1 before the res.) You could stack the heatercores, putting the one going to the CPU closest to the fan. If you really wanted to, you could add a second fan, 1 pushing 1 pulling.

When I start H2O cooling, I think I might try this. I hear good things about maxijet, but they're so cheap. Almost seems too good to be true. Any thoughts? Also, what is the size of the hose fittings on the Maxi-jet Powerhead 1200?
dunno the specs on that, but i'm thinkin that all you would really need to make that system work is make sure you have the radiators seperated a bit and make sure your pump can handle the flow consistently . . .
A non-res system is going to have the same temps as a res system. Doesn't matter if it heats up a degree or two. If I were going to use two heater cores, I would hook them up in parallel, with a "Y" connector, to the pump, and another "Y" connector to the CPU block. That should reduce pressure drop and improve the cooling capacity. I'm not sure that it's worth the trouble, really.
Too much messing around. If you have room for 2 radiators,
why not a bigger one or fans on both sides of one?

There is near infinite debate on the subject, but if you
use the pump inline you may have a degree or two cooler

The "gold standard" for pumps is Eheim. A 1048 or
1250 will be fine. There ARE other great pumps, too.