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2BA2 Bios

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Senior Member
Dec 20, 2000
Los Angeles
Did some Sandra benches on memory and 2ba1 bios (flashed from 2aa2 w/o probs) but bandwidth got worse as I changed memclock ratio WTF??? Also had problem with CPU voltage not hitting 1.85 would only go to 1.8, again WTF??? Just as I came to the conclusion this bios was a POS they come out with 2ba2 so I flashed it - no probs. Wow it cured my Vcore prob, now I can get 1.85, however I would really like to see a 2.1v upper limit.

The best news however was that this bios cured my memory bandwidth problem, it now seems to work properly, presently running my 1.8 willy @ 2.0 112 fsb 5:3 ratio Turbo setting on a 256Meg stick of Kingmax PC2700 running at 373 with Sandra B/W of 2420/2436 and Madonion PC Mark cpu/4642 mem/4875 hd/766.

I have had this cpu to 2.2G in safe mode with 2ba1 bios but would not go to full windows, discovered this was due to NDIS problem of WIN98 1st ed and cpu's at 2.1G, copied NDIS.VXD from 98SE and it cured that problem, but of course I still had memory bandwidth problems with 2ab1 bios so had to go with 2ba2 bios- problem with that is that this bios will only let me overclock to 2.0G (oh well - I'll take it for now).

Quite honestly this board, actually the bios to be more precise, is not what I was hoping for. I wish I had read the review on VR-Zone and Lost Circuits before I had purchased, but at $279 for the board and cpu from Fry's I figured it was a good deal. I'm no novice at o'cing and can see that for the beginer this board would be enought to discourage them from ever trying to over-clock again. :D

I still have issues with the poor RAID performance, after overclocking an Abit BE6-2 with P3-550 to 825 (air cooled) and using a Promise ATA66 PCI controller hacked to RAID, which gave me a Sandra DI of 32,000 to now having a HighPoint RAID DI of 20,000 (using the same HD's as before) I am somewhat disapointed. My single 40G Maxtor ATA133 on the regular IDE ATA100 controller has a 27,000 DI 😠

In fact this board would not even allow my PCI RAID controller to load it's bios, it appeared in the initial boot screen so the bios knew the resource was there but the bios would never load and so it would never search for the drives, I couldn't even get into the set-up, tried all slots and had HP controller disabled. When I emailed Soyo about this the replying tech came up with the statement "It must be a compatibility problem," wow, how astute !!! How come it works okay on other mobos' except this one - although I have not tried it with this new bios yet. I did put in a Promise ATA133 card and there was no broblem with that, I am hoping it is a version one card that I can hack to a RAID controller.

Other issues are that I can not get it to boot using dip switches other than default. I would like to increase the Zclock to see how it affects performance but it won't boot. When I got the board it had no MAC address, solved by email to tech support.

Okay, enough for now, I'm going to try my old RAID card again, maybe they fixed that problem too :rolleyes: yeah right.