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3090 ti SLI

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Apr 28, 2022
Hi I bought a water cooled aio asus strix LC RGB 3090 ti and I’m eager to buy another one to configure sli. I haven’t ordered the motherboard yet but I was thinking the asus rampage z690 hero but if doing sli I was thinking of getting the extreme since it has the right distance for the 4 slot sli connector. The hardware issue isn’t a problem for the hero since I live in Sweden and it’s only related to us manufactured motherboards. I don’t know what do you guys think? Or should I just upgrade the 3090 ti when 4000 comes out. I mean sli is kind of dead but older games like gta 5 and other titles that I have still support it. I plan on playing on 4k of course. My build has also has the 12900ks and Corsair 1600w power supply. Another question will 1600w be enough to power two 3090 tis and 12900ks if I go sli route? I calculated that it should be you never know and it’s kind of close
That's some awesome hardware you have and want to get! Would love to see some pics!

1.6KW PSU will be fine for two 3090 Ti's. So would 1.3/1.4KW. :)

I'm curious, that's a lot of Krona, my man... with most modern games in need of a fps boost at that high resolution, and older games that support SLI not needing a boost, it feels like a lot of money for minimal useful gains. Of course, that's OK, but see if one meets your needs before buying a second one for giggles, ya know? 4k/60Hz or 4k/75,120 Hz? If you're trying for the latter, then a second card makes more sense.
Agreed with EarthDog,

That is a crazy-sounding system, and I would truly only consider it if you were into doing hardware benchmarking. Otherwise the single 3090ti will be able to play any game you throw at it at/near max settings at 4K above 60fps. The older games that you would want to play shouldn't need SLI just because of the power/generation of the card. Ultimately it's your money, but I think you would get a very minimal boost in most circumstances that could probably be spent elsewhere (or just saved/invested...). Maybe if you were trying to play on one of the rare 8K TVs it could see some usage, but those are so few and far between, lol.
Nice thanks for the replies and feedback, I think I will just stick with the one card I got and get the Asus rampage hero. I mean the extreme is also an extra 6000kr like 700 more dollars. Money isn’t a problem but it’s stupid to just waste it on minimal performance. I think it’s better to just use that money to buy the 4090 if I ever upgrade and/or 13900k when it comes. Yeah I’ve decided now haha. I will send some pictures once I got the rig setup
Post magically merged:

Yeah the screen I ordered is the 28 “ asus tuf 4k 144 hz one with g sync etc
Yeah the screen I ordered is the 28 “ asus tuf 4k 144 hz one with g sync etc
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! :)

Yeah, try it out! Most games don't need a lot (some none at all) of Anti-Aliasing so you should be able to get plenty of FPS. If you find you're lacking, get the second or wait out next gen coming this year. :)
Good point. If it was me, I'd sit on the 3090 Ti until the new series of cards then go ham that flagship for more performance. If you don't need it, you can wait for a refresh card that's a few percent faster...

...lots of ways to skin the cat.

That's a sexy card... wow!
Yeah I agree, I read that they are going with TSMC 5nm architecture in next series and will it will gain like 8000 more coda cores etc so it will be a big boost if it’s true. But yeah just sticking to one 🙂
Sli 3090 ti for the purpose of play game is a waste of $$$ and electricity. In the old days people running sli because GPU back then was not powerful enough. Today a single high end GPU can run any with good frame rate.