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333fsb 2600 speed question

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Wood Shop

Dec 23, 2001
I was looking at the 2600s listed on pricewatch and noticed that the 266fsb versions are clocked at 2.133 gHz (16x133). There are also vendors listing 333fsb versions of the 2600 with a speed of 2.133gHz. What multiplier is being used for that speed? (2133/166 = 12.8) There is one vendor that I saw that is listing the speed of the 333fsb version as 2075. That makes sense with 12.5x166=2075.

Just would like to know if anyone knows the actual speed of the 333fsb 2600s. (at least one of the vendors must be wrong)
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Here is a link to Monarch Computers which is taking pre-orders for the 333fsb 2600s. Notice that they state the speed as 2075 and not 2133.
Yup, AMD lists them as 2083mhz and the 2700+ as a 2167, so I don't believe there will be a 9mhz difference betwin a 2600+ and a 2700+