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4800mm x 60 mm Enough?

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Nov 10, 2012
Ankeny Iowa
Running a Ryzen 9 7900x cpu that pulls 180 watts at full load and a RX 6950xt that pulls 365 watts at full load. Right now I have a 480mm x 60mm Radiator with push/pull fan configuration. Right now the cpu is the only thing on the loop. Wanting to add the gpu to the loop. Is this enough cooling? Both cpu and gpu are never loaded 100% at the same time. During gaming the cpu is only about 25% load.


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It would do it but I think the fans would be a little louder than you might want. I would add another radiator just for the noise. I run two 360x60 in the red rig in my signature with zero fan noise even in gaming so adding something like a 240x60 would probably give you the same. You already have to drain it to add the GPU so might as well add it now versus having to take it down after a rebuild for lack of performance or noise problems.
I'm currently using a 480 rad on top with p/p and bottom is a 280 with p/p. Both 60mm's. Under heavy gaming my 3080 maxes out at 55c, but the chip is toasty at 68c+:-/. Gonna try reseating the cpu block again and hopefully the 6th time is the charm.