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A BIG expirance with overclocking Q9650 and most of all the cpu cooling!!

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New Member
Jan 28, 2014
Hy to all of you :)

First of all want to say that I was few months ago asking on this forum for help, and as it goes with noob questions and noob's nobody helped me.
But with some reading and some other motherboard wich was much much easier to use to overclock and first of all wich let me OC,
I managed to OC both of my cpu's ( E8400 And Q9650 ) :clap:

Now I want to tell others what happend....well I changed my stock intel cooler to Thermaltake Contact 16...i was kind off...well the same temperatures...

My Q9650 got these IDLE TEMPS

Core0 40-41
Core1 34-35 avarage was like 38-42 sometimes doing nothing 37
Core2 39-40
Core3 37-38

OC to 3,6 and running under full load i got for more then 10Minutes allways this temps shown

Core0 71-72 was allways changing between those two values
Core1 65-66
Core2 69-71 avarage did not pass 69-70
Core3 67-68

Once I wanted to know how much the temp can go before throtteling...
And the most stable I could get was 3,79
That was when I got the hottes and the red numbers lol
Core0 81-82
Core1 74-75
Core2 78-79 average was like up to 79
Core3 75-77

Then I got some problems with my fans...it was all noisy in my room...couse I got like 5-6 12cm fans....but than I tried something to avoid the noise and then checked back again the temps becouse I was reinstalling my contact 16 cooler...

I reinstalled him...but this time just to be sure....and it has metal screws...I thightend it as much as I could I evan pushed it to the motherboard

I had put out like 3 fans....leaving just few of them...was a bit worried how it will be now with the 3,6OC

First what I saw and that never happend to me is
THIS IDLE TEMPS ( with just one cpu fan one front intake one on the side and one on the top )

Core0 for the first time went under 40C and now was like 38-39
Core1 was sometimes evan falling under 30 up to 29
Core2 this one was like allways it was 39 no change avarage fall from the lowes 37 up to 34-35
Core3 and this one got like 35

I was wondering and like this > :rofl: happy...and run the cpu to full load under 3,6GHz

This what I got it was that my hottest core went all down up to 10C

Core0 was now up to 61-62 no more at 72-73
Core1 this one was not passing 55-56
Core2 this one was like the first 60-61 this temperatures I got under full load for minutes running and not rise-ing anymore ( stady )
Core3 and this like the second 56-57

Put the cooler right and thight...buy one with metal screws and it will be for sure thight if you are pushing and srewing it thight..
Put the thermal paste on the cpu but just a bit not to much and spred it over the cpu
To spred it over the cpu I use always the cotton ear sticks with witch you clean your ears...lol...and spred it just like thin like a milimiter...

And you will get on with few fans and air cooling and a cheap cpu cooler ....

So...I was not like you guys are...I am sharing my experiance with noobs.....do this also...all of you

You use Q-Tips to spread thermal compound? That's just asking for contamination. For the type of CPUs you have you should be using the line or dot method. Usually spreading the thermal compound out results in inferior temps.